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Dr. Sofiya Rangwala, MD-Dermatology/Skin, MBBS, is a specialist in all types of skin disorders. Her special expertise is in treating acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, hair disorders - just to name a few. Her passion is not just clinical dermatology but also cosmetic dermatology and she offers treatment for melasma, tanning, pigmentation disorders etc. She is well experienced in using lasers for hair reduction, warts and skin tags removal, mole removal, acne scar reduction, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal etc. She is also known to do a great job in removing skin tags, warts and other growths by using CO2 laser.

Her clinic, Sofiyacare Skin and Hair Clinic is located on Varthur Main Road and provides all skin treatments. Sofiyacare showcases the latest FDA approved lasers and other machines which deliver effective and visible results, at affordable prices. Sofiycare also offers full body photo-therapy (UVA, NB-UVB), which is imported from USA. Phototherapy is used for treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and chronic eczematous conditions. Sofiyacare has Diode, Nd-Yag, CO2 lasers and microneedle RF machine for anti aging treatments. It also offers PRP and mesotherapy for hair and skin.

Dr. Sofiya's approach is a comprehensive one. She will advise you not just on medications but alsoon how and what to change and incorporate as part of lifestyle changes relevant to your condition. She is passionate about not just skin but also nutrition and fitness in general. She believes that healthy skin is a part of healthy lifestyle.

Professional Expertise:

  • Dermatology
  • Allergy


How often should you shampoo your hair? The answer is not straight forward and depends on a person's scalp condition and preference. A simple rule to follow: 1. If your scalp is oily and starts feeling sticky, then wash it. If you need to wash it everyday, then its alright to do so. Use a mild shampoo and quickly rinse off the shampoo. Apply conditioner only on the hair. 2. If your scalp is dry, t...
Your sweat is actually odor-less! It’s the bacteria on the body which breaks down the sweat into smelly particles. Ways to decrease body odor: 1. Take showers twice daily, specially wash the under-arms, in between the thighs and under the breasts (for women) with an antibacterial soap. Avoid using anti-bacterial soaps for rest of body as it causes dryness. 2. Wear cotton inner wear and cotton ...
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  • Dear.Sofiya Greetings from a retired doctor. I am not your patient. However I experienced your healing touch when I read your FB article on 'intolerence'. Conflicts are always there in this world since time immemorial. Problem solving is also an inbuilt mechanism both inside the body and outside. Problem solving skill is at its best in a doctor. Yo... More - Nag tk
  • Like all others even I had the great experience, the way the Doctor treats the patients is in a very friendly manner. I consulted the clinic for mole removal, and i got a very good results without any pain and scars. She will charge a reasonable price when compared to Reputed Hospitals in this Bangalore. Finally i would like to say that u can trust... More - mala shree
  • She is really a great doctor I have ever met. She is giving clear information about the procedure,I went for laser treatment doctor was very active she will suggest all skin related solution .i like very much her treatment I am pretty happy with the treatment - sravan kumar
  • She is really a great doctor I have ever met. She is giving clear information about the procedure, and suggesting with care. Overall, I'd say, She is excellent care giver..... I recommend 100% to anyone. - Vasanthan M
  • I started taking the mesoradient for my pigmention i can see 50% reduction with two sessions,very happy thanks for doctor & staff. - nagaraj s
  • She cured my daughter’s chronic acne problem. She is young, vivacious, knowledgeable, straight forward, active listener, clear and precise communication and she consults for a good amount of time with patients. - alok gupta
  • I consulted the doctor. The doctor prescribed me some very good medicines and told me to consult again. - Shravani
  • My experience with the doctor was very good. She checked me and prescribed me good medicines. Now I am feeling well. - Sourabh Vishwakarma
  • She is a good doctor. She treated me very well and prescribed me some very good medicines. - Veverly
  • She is a good doctor. She prescribed me some very good medicines and now my problem got solved. - Harish
  • Doctor was Excellent - D A Naidu
  • The medicines were very much effective. I am pretty happy with the treatment - Sonali Patro
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